We're proud to partner with Every Child Online who support school children and disadvantaged young people with access to essential educational, vocational and recreational IT resources.

They professionally refurbish old laptops and PCs that have been donated and supply them free of charge to schools in deprived areas and charitable organisations. This enables schoolchildren to learn and thrive without restrictions, with up-to-date equipment and industry-recognised software.


full circle

IT Full Circle

Businesses across the UK are adopting an IT Full Circle philosophy and donating their old tech to Every Child Online. 

The IT Full Circle movement is about improving the digital skills of our children and maintaining the UK industry’s use of home grown talent in the years to come

Every Child Online provide schools and charitable clubs with the ability to access software like Windows Office apps, coding programs and graphic design applications, all requiring devices with good processing power.


How to donate

Do you have an old phone, tablet, laptop or PC tucked away collecting dust? Or do you work for a company that's planning on upgrading your IT equipment? If so, you can donate them to Every Child Online and help to support a child's education.

Every Child Online will be at DTX + UCX Europe on 4-5 October so bring along your old tech or you can visit the website and fill out the online collection form. 

If you have any questions or what to find out more information, please email Every Child Online at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.