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As the backbone for the modern enterprise on it’s digital journey, getting your IT infrastructure right has never been more important! Especially with technology now firmly established as an enabler for business growth and success.

Today’s IT teams face a balancing act as they strive to adopt the right cloud platform and infrastructure to support business needs and keep up with advancements in AI, whilst keeping down costs and managing tech debt.

DTX will feature not one but two dedicated stages on ‘Digital & IT Strategy’ and ‘Cloud & Infrastructure’ so whether you’re a team lead or engineer/architect, there’s something for you. Hear how to streamline your IT took stack, modernise your cloud and network infrastructure, maximise legacy and reduce tech debt, and collaborate with users, other functions and the board plus more through case studies, panels, workshops and roundtables at DTX this October.


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PAST Speakers


Modernising your IT estate to keep up with AI advancements

Maximising flexibility whilst minimising risks with hybrid cloud

Operationalising the cloud at scale

Consolidating the IT stack and reducing tech debt

Minimising risks and defending your cloud infrastructure

Navigating the barriers and opportunities of 5G and 6G

Mitigating disruption whilst upgrading infrastructure

Transforming operations with full-stack observability


You'll be in great company

Last year's event attracted huge brands across a variety of industries including many of the FTSE 100 companies:




Reasons to attend

Get front row seats to inspiring keynotes and headline speakers

Learn hard-won tactics and hear case studies from those at the forefront of innovation

Get advice from technical experts on how to level-up your strategy and toolset

Connect with your peers during breakfast or lunch roundtables

Deep dive into industry-wide challenges at an interactive workshop